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28 feb 13 whittenWhen I saw there was no lifting on the whiteboard I knew it was going to be tough! And it was.


22 kettlebell swings
22 box jumps
400 metre run
22 burpees
22 wall balls

5 rounds, for time

The scaling was:

•    8/12 kilo kettlebell
•    12” box
•    4 kilo wall ball

10 reps for 5 rounds

•    16/12 kilo kettlebell
•    18/12” box
•    7/4 kilo wall ball

15 reps for 5 rounds

•    24/16 kilo kettlebell
•    24/18” box
•    9/7 kilo wall ball

22 reps for 5 rounds

I said I would do Silver but with box step-ups as I’m still not even thinking about box jumps.  But I didn’t. I did gold, with a 12 kilo kettlebell and a 4 kilo wall ball.

It took 41:16 minutes and the worst part, by far, was the burpees. There is something about kissing the ground 22 times in a row that is utterly demoralising. 5 x 400 metre runs was a joy, by comparison. The wall balls were okay too, but those burpees were hell.

Still – Gold!

•    Bruises – burpee knee on the right
•    PR – nope
•    Wishlist – to find some pleasure in burpees … if such a thing is possible.

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