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What’s worse than one Girl WOD?

4 mar 13 frannieTwo girl wods! Not so much a case of tasty girl-on-girl action, nor even a mash-up, more like a slow train wreck of female woddity. Fr-Annie was an evil bitch and I don’t exaggerate! There are some crossfit exercises that are horrible and then others that are horribility squared when put next to each other.

So if Fran is 21-15-9 thrusters/pull ups

And Annie is 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 double unders/sit ups

What’s Fr-Annie?

50 double unders/50 sit ups
21 thrusters/40 double unders/40 sit ups/21 pull ups
15 thrusters/30 double unders/30 sit ups/15 pull ups
9 thrusters/20 double unders/20 sit ups/9 pull ups
10 double unders/10 sit ups

I don’t have any double unders and may never get any, as that’s the kind of exercise that you need to have both proprioception and body memory to be good at, so I took the silver option (three skips for each double under) making a massive 450 skips in total. On the downside I only used a 15 kilo bar for the thrusters instead of 20 kilos meaning I opted for the bronze weight (bronze as standard was two skips instead of three) – you know, I think I’m never going to be strong enough to get to an Rx weight for a lifting WOD and that makes me sad. The worst thing was that on the first round of sit ups I discovered my new Nike top has a seam that runs across the middle of the back, and it was going to do that thing of making a nice raw patch on my spine so I had to go and get a mat to stop that happening. It cost me a couple of seconds.

I was okay with my time of 19:02 although I’d hoped to go under 19 but the last ten sit ups just took forever, I kept trying to speed up and my body wouldn’t go any faster! I’m not so okay now I’ve seen the board and seen that I was slowest.

•    Bruises – I think I have a permanent neck mark from the knurling on the 15 kilo bar
•    PB – I put 2.5 kilos on my push press in the lifting, which was pleasing
•    Wishlist – to be quicker, or to be able to try for double unders. Maybe I’ll try and learn them next month …

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