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(Freaky) Friday 22 February WOD

22 feb 13Coach Barney tried to play with our minds by writing the WOD on one side of the board only, with our names on the ‘wrong’ side. That didn’t actually mess up our heads as much as his clerical error which led to this:

600 metre run
30 weighted walking lunges 20/16
25 kettlebell thrusters – half with each arm.
20 kettlebell swings

600 metre run
25 weighted walking lunges 16/8
20 kettlebell thrusters – half with each arm.
15 kettlebell swings

400 metre run
20 weighted walking lunges 8/2
15 kettlebell thrusters – half with each arm.
10 kettlebell swings

Once again I was a silver/bronze = pewter mash-up. I have no problem with 600 metre runs so I did those, but I couldn’t get an eight kilo kettlebell thruster on my left side, although I could on my right, so I dropped to a four for the thrusters and an eight for everything else. Time of 17.35 was a little disappointing and I went home wondering if I should have pushed to a 12 for the lunges and swings and kept to the four for the thrusters.

Turns out it was supposed to be 11 reps of each, not 30/25/20 or 15. Just 11 – and I reckon I might just have got that 8k kettlebell up there if I only had to do it 15 times in total!

Bruises – knees from the third round of lunges, only slight though

PB – nope (omigod, I posted this, looked at it, thought, that’s not right – I PB’d! I added 2.5 kilos to my push press x3)

Wishlist – that I wasn’t going to have to add kettlebell thrusters to my never-ending list of things to practice.


Wednesday 20 February WOD

20 feb 13WOD

3 rounds for time
9 minute time cap

•    150 skips
•    5 banded pull ups

•    20 double unders
•    5 banded/strict pull ups

•    50 double unders
•    5 strict/weighted pull ups

I knew from the outset I would be attempting bronze as I don’t have any double unders and can’t do unbanded pull ups. My time was 5:46 which I was happy with, as I got the first and second sets of skips continuously – when I started at Crossfit Connect Hove I couldn’t string more than 30 skips together without either taking a breather or wetting myself!

The cash out was 3 x 400 metre runs – rest as needed. Catherine and I ran them as pretty well a continuous jog. Slower than a run but with no rests, just a walking circle between 2 and 3 for her to catch her breath. It was fun!

Bruises – I think the front squat bruising is a permanent acquisition now

PB – yup! PB on my front squat, up 2.5 kilos to 45 kilos.

Wishlist – today I’m pretty contented with my lot – it was fun to do a WOD that wasn’t a girl for a change!

You know you are a crossfit obsessed woman when:


  1. Your cheat treat meal is everybody else’s healthy eating option
  2. At the cinema, you time the hero as he’s hanging off the edge of the building to compare his grip strength to your own
  3. You always have at least one bruise, rope welt or callus tear
  4. Your Valentine’s gift can be measured in kilo weights rather than kilocalories of energy
  5. You look at your shoulders, not your tummy, whenever you pass a mirror – and if you’re alone, you get the guns out
  6. You drive thirty miles to buy raw milk and then drink it all on the way home
  7. There are no high heels in your wardrobe, but your inov8s coordinate with your workout gear
  8. You do wide squats whilst brushing your teeth
  9. The staff at the builders’ merchants never offer to help you lift your sand, cement or slab any more because you’ve made it clear you prefer to amrap loading heavy objects
  10. You have a text debate with your coach on the way home from the box to try and improve your leaderboard position (that was me today!)



Valentine’s Day WOD – Jackie

14 feb 13 jackieOkay, so I’m really late posting this but exciting stuff happened in between doing the WOD and today, such as my second book being published and the beginning of our orchard planting. An exciting week …

So Thursday was Jackie.

  • 1000 metre row
  • 50 thrusters
  • 30 pull-ups

I was worried about this, because I’ve been trying to understand a new rowing technique with a clear redirect from the full extension into the fold position, and having two lots of ‘instructions’ in my head can go badly wrong for me. In the event, it worked out fine and I rowed faster than the last time I tried a 1k, so I was happy.

For the thrusters I took a 12 kilo bar – the Rx is 15 but I’d already wiped myself out on the push press so I knew there wasn’t going to be a lot going on with thrusters! I used a purple band for the pull-ups – I really don’t ever want to be back on the red one, but I suppose when Angie comes round again, I’ll probably have to add in the red.

Overall I’m okay with my time of 13:04. The pull-ups after thrusters and push presses were really difficult, and I was more concerned to get my chin over the bar than about time. Not the most exciting WOD I’ve ever encountered but I suppose they can’t all be high drama or our hearts would never take the strain!


Loving myself on Valentine’s Day

Me, back in the day!

Me, back in the day!

I’ll post today’s WOD later, but I got the most unexpected Valentine’s gift at the 06:30 class – somebody said I was the most determined person they trained with.


My instant response was to make a joke of it, because the truth is that I’m not good at any of this stuff, so how could I possibly be determined?

During the WOD, which actually gave me a bit of thinking time as it was a staggered start, I began to reassess that first thought. I train three times a week at the box, and work on technical stuff at home every other day. I try to be supportive of others and a good box participant. I struggle with basic skills, especially complex movements, but I’ve developed some key skills and aim to improve on my weakest areas (okay, not box jumps, I’m having a box jump moratorium for a while). I’m not sure what that adds up to, but it probably doesn’t add up to being rubbish.

My attitude to myself is not the attitude I have to others – I think that if I’m not proficient I am rubbish, but I think that anybody else who’s struggling is … yes, determined.

Decades of ingrained self-deprecation do not melt away overnight but I am starting to accept that my self-image in relation to fitness is unhealthy. Years ago I used to spend time with a bunch of photographic models, some of them very famous, and I was always shocked at the way they saw themselves. While I was the least successful and least ‘beautiful’ member of our group, I never had any problem with my visual self-image. I have always really liked the way my body looks – I still do. I suppose that going from being the clumsy ugly duckling as a child to being a clumsy swan in my teens was such an amazing surprise that it carried me through all the insecurities that the prettier girls fell prey to. I watched international models develop eating disorders, have appalling plastic surgery and torture themselves every time they looked in the mirror. It made no sense to me – they were gorgeous, they were in demand, the world loved them – why couldn’t they see it?

But I’ve got what they had when it comes to physical performance, rather than attractiveness. I distort my failures and ignore my gains and I take no account of my mental attitude because I’m only focused on what’s on the leader board. And I’m not saying that it’s going to stop any time soon, but I was reminded today that I can bring attributes to the box that other people value, and that was nice to hear.

Didn’t make the fifty but still totally filthy

11 feb 13 filthy fiftyMonday’s WOD – the aptly named Filthy Fifty. I knew I wouldn’t have much fun with it, as it starts with 50 box jumps. (Not for me it doesn’t.)

  • 50 Box jumps 12/18/24
  • 50 Jumping pull-ups
  • 50 Kettlebell swings, 8/12/16
  • 50 Lunges
  • 50 Knees to elbows
  • 50 Push press 12/15/20
  • 50 Back extensions
  • 50 Wall balls 4/7/9
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 double unders/150 skips

Bronze was 20 reps, Silver 30 reps and Gold was the RX 50 reps of each exercise.

So … my attitude was ‘yeah right, like that will ever happen!’ I’ve decided to give myself some time off box jumps. I’ll tackle them again in April – at the moment they are all I can see, and they are stopping me seeing any other progress because I’m locked into getting back into doing them. Unfortunately my synapses have other ideas and aren’t playing along! Given that, for me, the WOD was going to start below the scale I decided I might as well take it easy – I used a 4 kilo medicine ball, a 12 kilo bar and an 8 kilo kettlebell – hindsight says I could probably have taken a 12 kilo kettlebell for the swings.

My time was 20:06 – one second faster than OH who did the WOD later in the day!  It was tough though and some exercises were deceptive – why were the back extensions so hellish? Usually I bang those out with no problem, but after the knees to elbows they were really, really, really tough to do.

I watched Camo and Razor Rx the WOD and it was epic to encourage them to beat previous times … can’t imagine myself ever making the 50 though!

•    Bruises – front squat markings
•    PB – got a x4 on my front squat at my previous one rep max!
•    Wishlist – that in April I will be able to do box jumps without fear.

Getting brawny with Mary

7 feb 13 maryFirst time that Mary’s made an appearance at Reebok Crossfit Connect Hove apparently. I had no great expectations of this WOD, being mainly focused on the Open Gym straight after and that I’d committed to getting back onto a 12” box by the end of it, come what may. With that terrifying thought in my mind, I just didn’t think about the WOD at all until we were into it.


•    Bronze – 5 press ups, 10 squats, 12 pull ups (assisted)
•    Silver – 5 box or pike press ups, 10 pistols, 15 pull ups
•    Gold – 5 HSPUs, 10 pistols, 15 pull ups

As I can’t do pistols (well I red bandcan, after a fashion, but when my proprioception is bad, pistols are an insane thing to try and attempt) I was definitely going for bronze on this WOD. Bearing in mind my experience with the two bands on Monday, I tried a couple of pull ups with the purple band only – it was quite hard work but I decided I’d try and make the first couple of rounds with just the purple band and add in the red when it got too much for me to make good reps. But somehow I never did!

9 rounds on the purple band. I was down to singles on the pull ups by the last round, and I no repped myself twice when I didn’t think I’d got my chin over the bar, but I didn’t have to supplement with the red band at all. Once my arms and hands stopped shaking I felt like a superhero! Doesn’t that band look lonely?

•    Bruises – none
•    PR – does going down a band count as a PR?
•    Wishlist – that I could relax about the box jumps (I jumped stacked plates and finally got to 7 box jumps on the 12” box but it took every bit of courage I had to do it).

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