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WOD love

Crossfit diaryThere are very few things I dislike about my box, although I spend a lot of time talking about how much I hate cross fit!

One of the things that can sometimes annoy me is the need to keep WOD secrecy until the end of the day. That’s just what we do, and I completely approve because it stops cherry picking (I’d never do a WOD with double unders in, from choice, for example) and that means functional fitness is integral to everybody’s training.

Sometimes it does frustrate me. Yesterday I ended up with full on WOD love – came home, drank bullet proof coffee in the garden with my LoveEnergy breakfast bar, realised I need a new CrossFit diary, which will be my third, and really wanted to blog about how euphoric I felt.

But I couldn’t, because it was only 11am. Last class is 8pm and until then I couldn’t WOD spill – so here it is:

Before the WOD I did my Lift It Up which was deadlifts:

  • Warm up  -5 reps at 40, 50 and 3 reps at 60% of one rep max
  • Lift – 3 reps at 70, 80 and 90% of one rep max.

I didn’t get a really clean third lift at 90%, felt my shoulders round out, and Coach David commented it had happened too, but I was glad to get it done.

12 minute AMRAP

  • 5 wallballs
  • 5 hand release press ups
  • 1 powerclean.

I got 13 rounds and 5 wallballs.

I picked too light a weight for my cleans, at 15 kilos, but I felt so tired when I got to the box that I underestimated what I could actually lift – lesson learned.

And I loved it, every single minute of it!





Not an Open Crossfitter

paleo rhubarb custardWith my new resolve to ensure Crossfit works for me, I’ve wodded twice this week but with major modifications.
WOD 1 – Seven minute AMRAP

8 burpee box jumps
12 wallballs
30 double-unders

Modified to

8 burpee box step-ups
12 kettlebell swings
60 skips

That worked quite well, five rounds and three burpee step-ups

Second WOD

1 mile run
1 mile run

Modified to

1 mile jog
30 STOH @ 15k
1 mile jog.

The only problem is that both times my knee has swollen back up again. I guessed it would with the running but didn’t expect it on the first WOD.

And of course I’m not doing the Open, and because there’s no pressure I can really enjoy (a) hearing about the successes of the athletes I train with and (b) this, which is paleo rhubarb custard with maple pecan crumble. I might have to modify WODs but I’m still committed to eating clean, which is (supposedly) 80% of fitness. If that’s true, the whole other 20% must reside directly behind my left knee-cap!


28 feb 13 whittenWhen I saw there was no lifting on the whiteboard I knew it was going to be tough! And it was.


22 kettlebell swings
22 box jumps
400 metre run
22 burpees
22 wall balls

5 rounds, for time

The scaling was:

•    8/12 kilo kettlebell
•    12” box
•    4 kilo wall ball

10 reps for 5 rounds

•    16/12 kilo kettlebell
•    18/12” box
•    7/4 kilo wall ball

15 reps for 5 rounds

•    24/16 kilo kettlebell
•    24/18” box
•    9/7 kilo wall ball

22 reps for 5 rounds

I said I would do Silver but with box step-ups as I’m still not even thinking about box jumps.  But I didn’t. I did gold, with a 12 kilo kettlebell and a 4 kilo wall ball.

It took 41:16 minutes and the worst part, by far, was the burpees. There is something about kissing the ground 22 times in a row that is utterly demoralising. 5 x 400 metre runs was a joy, by comparison. The wall balls were okay too, but those burpees were hell.

Still – Gold!

•    Bruises – burpee knee on the right
•    PR – nope
•    Wishlist – to find some pleasure in burpees … if such a thing is possible.

Learning to be the worst

attitudeThis is my goal for 2013. To learn to be the worst Crossfitter in most situations.

What do I mean by worst? Slowest, lifting the lightest weights, with the longest learning curve, clumsiest … that’s some of what I mean.

Why do I need to ‘learn’ this? Because it seems that I am trying to learn to be something I can’t be – naturally proficient. I had a whole series of conversations with athletes, thinkers and good friends in December, exploring what proficiency means and what virtuosity could mean, for somebody like me.

One interesting element was a blog post by Judah Boulet about the relationship between health and performance, which picked up a lot of the issues I’ve been wrestling with. I also got ill, failing to have a Christmas Day at all, and discovering, this week, that I’d lost 2.5 of the 4 kilos that I’d put on in the past six months was an unpleasant surprise. Believe me, losing that amount of weight really knocks back your lifting, especially if you were underweight to begin with.

WP_000351So I’m going to learn to do what I can do (slowest, weakest, clumsiest etc) rather than striving to do what I simply can’t. Because I was ill I missed posting a load of wods, so I’ll just highlight Wednesday’s wod and get back into the day after posting from now on. I really hope that 2013 is going to be a year when I don’t get as ill as I did in 2012!

This was my first wod of 2013, and I scaled the toes to bar to knee raises and the wall-balls to 4 kilos. I tried the 7 kilos but just couldn’t get the right height on the wall without coughing my insides up – lovely! So my time was 9:18 which I was pretty pleased about, as the first wod since I developed whatever the bug was that was doing the rounds.

Bruises: none

PB: no

Wishlist: well I got my pull-up bar for Christmas, so that’s great! I also got wodsocks. What I’d really like is the 2.5 kilo weight gain to return swiftly, but I’m only going to get there through eating more protein and resting properly, so here’s to that!


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