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Shop opening and produce donation 2 May 2020

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Most importantly, the shop will be open tomorrow (3 May) from 09:30 to 13:00. Yes we have manure!


–Wear gloves

–Observe social distancing

–Remember it’s cashless payment only.

And check out our sexy new bins, so you can bring your own container and buy anything from Blood, Fish and Bone to Vermiculite in the exact quantity you need!

Second – the donation crate will be in the Memorial Garden from 11am to 2pm tomorrow. If you have spare fruit, vegetables and herbs, please donate them to the Community Fridge and we’ll deliver them to households throughout the city on Sunday.



We train together until

BoJo says we can’t.

10:08 (three skips for each DU)

WOD 21 Jan 20

Amrap’s gassy charge

Boxjump mayhem looms ahead

One shin borked, not mine!

I got 7 rounds and 3 C&P.

30 Dec 19

Post Christmas wodding
Fat, logy, sure to hurt
F*** G T O H

WOD of the day

Mary … and my WOD face

Scaled to press ups, rows

And seated pistols, Mary

Became tough, but fun.

Also PB’d my bench again!

PT and PBs

Over fifty, gains

Often rare to vanishing

Bench PB delight.

Crossfit commentary

Over on CF Female Masters Athletes on Facebook one athlete recently posted a Crossfit haiku. I won’t reproduce it because I don’t have her permission but it made me smile, wryly.

Why do we record our CrossFit journeys? Partly because we know as athletes that we need to measure what matters, but that doesn’t explain the blogs, like this blog, and the fact that the first rule of CrossFit is that you always talk about CrossFit. It’s because part of CrossFit is community, and communities interact, they express and engage and they chronicle.

So, as a writer, I chronicle my community. My little part in this community, anyway. Do I have anything useful to say? Who knows – that’s not really the question. But haiku is a form of compression – a way of expressing much in little. In a way that’s like CrossFit – a way of getting much done in little time. I’m going to try and convey my WODs in haiku for a while.

Cap WODs threaten time

Swallowing seconds too fast

Skips hurt, more than crunches.

Dreaded double unders

So … it turned out that on a day when DUs were on the board, I was also the only person to show up for the 09:30 WOD! End result, an hour’s quality coaching from DD which led to me actually achieving three linked (not unbroken) double-unders. Seven years ago I decided I was going to try to get a double under and never managed more than one. For some reason, this was the day I got it.

I’m amazed that within a month of putting my goal on the board I was able to move it to the Achievements section. New goal – unbroken DUs by December!

Also, doing the WOD alone absolutely sucks.

Wicked WoD

It’s a rare day that I get to RX a WoD but this was one of the rare days. Well … step ups not box jumps but otherwise, no scaling. My ‘score’ was 192, which was 70, 61, 61 for each round. Happy with this result.

Slow cooker caramelised nuts

1 egg white
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Ground cardamon, or cinnamon, to taste
1 tablespoon maple syrup
350 grams nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews all work well)

Lightly oil slow cooker with almond or hazelnut oil.

Beat the egg white until it’s frothy – very quick in a food processor or with a hand mixer. Stir in the vanilla, cardamon, salt and maple syrup and then add the nuts and stir in a figure of eight pattern until they are fully coated.

Pour into the oiled slow cooker and cook on High for 30 minutes, then on Low for a further two hours, stirring every 30 minutes.

Alternatively pour onto greaseproof paper and bake at 130˚ for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes.

Allow to cool and place in an airtight box or jar. Keep for months.

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