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Angie third time around

baby burpeeYesterday the WOD was Angie:

• 100 pull ups
• 100 push ups
• 100 sit ups
• 100 squats

For time.

It was a full class and I’d brought somebody along for a taster session who clearly couldn’t start with Angie, so he got to do an alternate WOD outside the box. Fortunately it was a gorgeous morning.

There were too many of us to all get pull up bars at once, so Kat, Oni, Rob and I started out with push ups and finished with pull ups. That was, I have to say, utterly foul. The one good thing about Angie is that you get squats last – except this time we got pull ups last!

angie 29 aug 13I took the Silver option, normal rounds but with a band for the pull ups (two bands, actually, one red, one purple, I’m not daft!) and finished in 21:51, a whole 4 minutes and 17 seconds faster than my previous time, and the previous time I was using a green band AND doing girl push ups from my knees!

I’m very chuffed with my new pb. The 100 push up programme really had worked its magic, although I only got to 50 before I had to stop the programme because of (unrelated) injury. I did the push ups in tens and didn’t have to stop for more than a single breath and a quick shake of the arms throughout the hundred, and didn’t stop at all in my sit ups. One little break in my squats, to reset my position and then working in tens for the pull ups – as a result, I got a time I feel really good about.

The lift was single leg deadlifts – very tough.

I forgot to post Tuesday’s WOD, mainly because I was so exhausted after it. It was:

400m run
20 kettlebell swings
20 box jumps
20 hang power cleans
400m run
20 kettlebell swings
20 box jumps
20 hang power cleans
400m run.

The only notable thing for me about the WOD was that I decided to try jumps again, using two stacked 15k plates. It was horrendously difficult and I struggled to keep going because I was constantly having to override what my synapses were telling me so that I could continue the movement. But I did it. It didn’t feel at all good, but maybe if I keep trying, I’ll get to the point where it becomes easier again.

• Bruises – nope
• Wishlist – stringing together some double unders
• PB – oh yes!

Burpee challenge day 29. Still going.


And another PB (this one’s for all the clumsy kids out there)

free to changeAfter bench pressing with the son of a friend of mine (this blog is called Old Enough To Be Your Crossfit Mother for good reason!) I took nine seconds off my baseline fitness time today, down from 6 minutes 18 seconds to 6 minutes 9.

Not huge, but pleasing, especially as it went up to 6:18 after the first time I took it. Mind you, it’s partly because I haven’t actually performed the same WOD twice. The first time I definitely wouldn’t have been doing strict press-ups and used a green band for pull ups. The second time was strict press-ups but a purple band, and this time I used jumping pull ups – difficult to compare like with like.

Also a Tabata checkout – hollow body rocks. I got 78. Happy with that.

I’d also had a little discussion with Coach Barney during the focus (Bench – how I hate it!) about my negative thinking.

True, I have negative thinking. I need it.

For decades I berated myself so that nobody else would. One of my clearest memories is of a primary school teacher saying to me, ‘How can a clever little girl be so stupid?’ because I’d failed in some simple task again, and again, and again and … again. And probably again the next day and the whole week, month and year too.

I didn’t know how I could be so stupid, and I didn’t know why and knowing why now doesn’t really help. Neurological impairment is weird – it’s not consistent. It’s not like being Forrest Gump who throws off his leg braces and runs like the wind. It’s more like going from wheelchair to leg brace to running and back to leg brace on a random basis.

Today, for example, I managed three single double unders. Woo hoo! Those are the first double unders for a month. Everybody tells me they come and go but I know that mine might just go. Box jumps have gone. For ten months now.

So it’s still important for me to knock myself before anybody else does. Maybe that will change one day but not yet. I’m used to disappointing myself, and that means I don’t have to disappoint others. Simples.

Oh yes. 100 Day Burpee Challenge. Today is day 22. It’s horrible.

Oh frabjous day!

jabberwockyAnd other Carrollisms for those who like them (callooh callay! are the ones that spring to mind) and for those who don’t – tough. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I don’t really care, you can Google it.

So yesterday I RX’d the WOD (sort of) and didn’t die (but felt like I had).

It’s one of those Benchmark WODs – other workouts in my diary.

Christine (on the run)

• Run 500 metres
• 12 bodyweight deadlifts
• 21 box jumps 24/20 inches

Three rounds.

The bit I didn’t RX was box jumps. I really don’t know if I will ever be able to do box jumps again. I did box step ups, and apparently that counts.

It took for-flaming-ever! 17 minutes and 15 seconds to be precise. I hated every single second. But I did it.

15 aug 13I weigh 52 kilos. I really really know exactly how much I weigh!

So … that was tough. Today was even tougher, as it’s day 16 of the 100 day burpee challenge and every damn one of those sixteen burpees hurt! Mental toughness and all that aside, it’s excruciating to burpee when you’re all DOMS.

But I’m happy – I can see I’m making progress.

Update on Jon!

Jon some days ago in the hotel

Jon some days ago in the hotel

>Abi just posted this on Facebook:

Hello everyone! i have left jon at the hospital briefly to find an internet cafe in town. Jon is doing well. He has the worst herniated disc the doctor has ever seen but with lots of rest and physiotherapy he will be walking again…hopefully in a number of weeks! We are just waiting for the insurance company to fly us home which could take 4-5 days as there are a number of time zones and flights to contend with. Meanwhile we are watching an awful lot of dodgy Indonesian tv and talking about where to go on our next honeymoon. Unfortunately the hospital wifi is not working and he is desperate to contact you all. Will try and update again in a day or two. X

It’s good to know he’s okay, great that the insurance company – InsureandGo – appear to have got their act together, and wonderful the way Jon and Abi are handing a tough situation. Our box, Crossfit Connect Hove, has really rallied around and tried everything we can to help Jon and Abi all the way over there in Lombok. Those people who say Crossfit is unfriendly and elitist clearly never trained at our box!

8 August WOD

8 aug 13 2Still no more double unders. Everybody I speak to tells me that it’s like this: you get a couple of double unders one day and then no more for a while. I’m unconvinced – I think I fluked it once and may never get another (pessimist, moi?)

The focus today was pull ups and ring dips – both strict. I had to use a red band for the ring dips and a purple one for the pull ups which was a disappointment to me as I am on a red band for non-strict pull ups, but with a hint of tendonitis and a desire for perfect form I pushed my ego down and did the focus as stated – for form.

Today’s WOD was deceptively simple:

• 1 kilometre row
• 1 kilometre run
• 100 double unders

Gold plus
Weight vest

50 double unders

• 500 metre row
• 400 metre run
• 200 skips

Without double unders and with a calf strain I’m still nursing (is there any part of me that isn’t injured?) I was clearly a candidate for bronze and that’s what I did. Barney cracked a joke about me being able to do that level twice and I laughed.

Time = 5 minutes 51 seconds.

Then Sol decided he was going again – he did gold the first time around. Dan kept him company and there was a rower free, so with Coach Barney’s encouragement I jumped on and did the WOD again.

Time = 6 minutes 30 seconds.

I was chuffed with my performance. The extra time in the second round was definitely down to the skipping, my ankles were fried after several hundred skips and quite a few attempts at double unders before we started the WOD, but I was happy to have the mental toughness to tackle the workout twice, even if my times dropped massively.

SolSol, being superhuman repeated the gold WOD even faster than the first time, then launched into a burpee penalty (my bad, I dropped him in it by mentioning it, I really was brain dead at that point) and swapping the burpees halfway through for an insanely fiendish press up game that Coach Barney challenged him to. Like I say, superhuman.

The really big news is that our box is about to double! Not in size so much as in location – Unit 9, where we currently train, is about to be half of Crossfit Connect Hove – the other half will be in Unit 6 (which is not contiguous but you can’t have everything, can you?) and yes, everybody has remarked on the interesting way those numbers stack up. We’re going to have ropes to climb and everything!

The little news is that my new brand new Shock Absorber crop top held up magnificently to the double WOD – I wasn’t confident that it would take the strain but it really was what they claim ‘dry and cool comfort’ – excellent stuff. I might even have to buy another!

Bruises – nope
Wishlist – more of those crop tops!
PB – only in terms of developing a functional fitness mentality.

Still waiting to hear how Jon and Abi are getting on … hoping for good news from them soon!

Wow – faster than the speed of light InsureandGo on the case!

Sudden swift action – as a result of my post on their facebook page, I got a response!

“Hi Kay. I’m sorry to hear your friends are having a rough time. Please rest assured that we want to do as much as we can to help them. Please could you ask them to contact us with their claim/policy number either by using the ‘Message’ at the top of our Facebook page or by emailing, as I’d like to look into this for them? ~Dom”

This is great – Jon and Abi can’t be having the greatest of honeymoons even if, as Jon has posted, they are really discovering the strength of their marriage. An insurer that follows through on its promise is a fantastic resource and if InsureandGo can bring this kind of efficiency and support to their situation I reckon I’ll be singing their praises here very shortly. Let’s watch this space, shall we?

InsureandGo step up to the plate!

Well, this new communication from InsureandGo in relation to Jon and Abi’s travel insurance is very encouraging – let’s see if they can follow through on their offer. If so, I’ll hand out some kudos!

“Mr Wilde,

Nobody was aware of your travel plans just that your return date is the 16th.
I passed your email to my doctors again in light of the new information and they have advised that you should have an x-ray and CT scan of your spine and thorax.

We are happy to make the arrangements for you for these procedures.

Once we have the results of these tests my medical panel will advise on your repatriation means.

Please let me know if you are happy for us to coordinate these appointments for you.


(They didn’t leave a name)”

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