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I hate running …

I also don’t like getting up at 5am to attend the 06:00 WOD, but I did it.

This was an evil WOD for me. I got three rounds and six bar squat hops, but I really hated the running. Also a 43k back squat which I was pretty happy with, given it’s five years since I squatted with weights. I’ve got a feeling that my PB was 62k, so that’s what I’m going to aim for. Crossfit Decennia has a new roof light – it’s very spiffy, but by the end of this I was too exhausted to look up much.

Not a one-off occurrence

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So it seems I really am doing this again. Drop in sessions only this time … and not more than once a fortnight, so I’ll be training on my own between WODs. Saturday was a partner WOD and it was just as evil as I remember partner WODs being. For me there’s always a fear that I’m letting my partner down (it’s their bad luck to be paired with the slowest, oldest and weakest member of the box) and that can push me too hard and lead to injury. Still – it was good to be running like a beetroot-faced maniac, up and down a major commuter road, in the blazing sun … that’s what Crossfit’s all about!

That’s me on the left, with my inestimable WOD partner (front right) and her amazing life partner (back right) who’s just been invited to participate in a Commonwealth weightlifting competition!

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