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WOD love

Crossfit diaryThere are very few things I dislike about my box, although I spend a lot of time talking about how much I hate cross fit!

One of the things that can sometimes annoy me is the need to keep WOD secrecy until the end of the day. That’s just what we do, and I completely approve because it stops cherry picking (I’d never do a WOD with double unders in, from choice, for example) and that means functional fitness is integral to everybody’s training.

Sometimes it does frustrate me. Yesterday I ended up with full on WOD love – came home, drank bullet proof coffee in the garden with my LoveEnergy breakfast bar, realised I need a new CrossFit diary, which will be my third, and really wanted to blog about how euphoric I felt.

But I couldn’t, because it was only 11am. Last class is 8pm and until then I couldn’t WOD spill – so here it is:

Before the WOD I did my Lift It Up which was deadlifts:

  • Warm up  -5 reps at 40, 50 and 3 reps at 60% of one rep max
  • Lift – 3 reps at 70, 80 and 90% of one rep max.

I didn’t get a really clean third lift at 90%, felt my shoulders round out, and Coach David commented it had happened too, but I was glad to get it done.

12 minute AMRAP

  • 5 wallballs
  • 5 hand release press ups
  • 1 powerclean.

I got 13 rounds and 5 wallballs.

I picked too light a weight for my cleans, at 15 kilos, but I felt so tired when I got to the box that I underestimated what I could actually lift – lesson learned.

And I loved it, every single minute of it!





Cancer, CrossFit, Coping …

Another long time since connect throw downI blogged. More WODs happened. I did a scaled version of Arnie that sticks in my mind for being really rather nasty. However, one WOD was a real experience for me. CrossFit Connect had a throwdown followed by a barbecue on the Saturday – we went down for an hour in the morning and again for the final WOD, an inspiring thing to watch, and the barbecue, which was fun.

Perhaps based on the amount of hooch drunk the previous evening, box protocol was suspended and a notice was posted on the Facebook page saying that the Sunday morning WOD would be the first WOD you ever did when you joined the box! I stopped and had a good think about that. My first WOD was a simple bodyweight descending ladder that was brutal in revealing to me how unfit I was:

Skips – 100, 80, 60, 40, 20 – alternating with
Press-ups – 25, 20, 15, 10, 5.

I can’t remember much about that day, except the fear I felt walking into the box, and that fact that I had to run to the loo twice during the skips and I did press-ups on my knees. It took me 12 minutes and 44 seconds. And that was with the time for running to the toilet subtracted!

I knew, I really knew, I could take that time and smash it, even though I was still struggling with sleep and the stress of wondering how Tony’s cancer treatment was going to work out and it would mean an extra training session that week that I hadn’t planned for. But I decided I’d go and do it anyway. Most of the other people training that day went for named WODs, girls or heroes, but that didn’t bother me. I got the evidence of progress that I needed to remind me why I do this.

I’m so glad I went for it. Full chest to floor press-ups, no running to the toilet during the skips, and a time of 7 minutes and 17 seconds!

Yesterday Tony had his first BCG treatment. He was in and out (forgive the pun) in 17 minutes and went straight back to work. He was tired when he got home, which is one of the side-effects, and today he’s been really tired and prone to fall asleep without warning, but if that’s all the symptoms he develops we’ll be very happy! We’ve got a year of this to look forward to, which is not a happy prospect, but it’s great to have good local treatment that allows him to continue to work and next month he’s even hoping to get back to the box and start some light training.

Life is good.

Feeding the inner athlete: WODs, goals, and grim discoveries

103 psb 23 mar 13Took purple sprouting broccoli to the box this morning – I think it was all gone by 10am, as various Crossfitters took it home with them. I just can’t imagine dropping off a veg box at the average globo gym for people to pick up fresh veggies as they choose! Anyway, we’re eating psb four or five meals a week right now, and still have some to spare, so it was great to be able to give some away.

We’re back on Wendler. Woo hoo! I really like the Wendler cycle: I’ve been through it twice now and seen huge gains, but with the calf strain I think I’m going to be pretty limited this time around. I benched and equalled my previous one rep max so that was cool, but I don’t think I’m going to risk squatting for a couple of weeks, as I (probably) won’t get the pain message from the calf until too late if it does start to tear again and I don’t want another six weeks of rest. I might try a deadlift but that could also put strain on the healing muscle so I may just possibly be super-restrained and stick to bench and strict press. Can’t believe I’m typing that, to be honest!

Then the WOD. A fifteen minute time-capped ladder of:

•    Thrusters
•    Toes to Bar

One of each in f29 apr 13irst minute, two of each in second minute etc until you can’t get them done before the buzzer, rest a minute, start again at one of each until time cap.

Men 50 kilos
Women 25 kilos

Men 40 kilos
Women 25 kilos
Knee raises

Men 30 kilos
Women 15 or 20 kilos
Knee raises or sit ups

Bronze for me, at 16 kilos and knee raises. I was nervous about thrusters, as it’s really difficult to get a good thruster without using the calf fully, but I managed to get to nine of each in the minute  – although by the end I could feel the muscle starting to burn. Actually, that was amazing – a year ago I wouldn’t have felt that sensation at all, so Crossfit really is improving my neurological feedback.

Thing is, I watched Louise doing toes to bar and while it looked horrible, it also looked doable. So I asked Coach David afterwards and he suggested I might be ready for toes to bar, given my progression towards a strict pull up. So I booked in for an Open Gym to try it out.

Then I watched this video. I am sooooo screwed! When Carl Paoli says something is “Proprioception 101” I know I’m in trouble. I have little or no proprioception at the best of times, and when my feet are off the ground I often have no idea where the rest of my body is, which makes gymnastics work terrifying. I get feedback from both hands, my right foot and all down my right side, some intermittent feedback from my left foot, nothing from my left arm, hip, thigh or calf and only sporadic feedback from the left shoulder. On the plus side, this is a symmetric movement, so I can have reasonable confidence that if my right side does it, my left will follow (probably).

I really, really, really, really, really want to get one gymnastics type movement to RX by the end of my first year of Crossfit. I’m still working on the pull up but I don’t think I’m going to make it in time, so I had everything crossed that I could achieve toes to bar. Carl’s comments are a reality check – I’m going to try it in Open Gym but I expect to discover that I’m going to need a lot more drills than I’d thought to learn the sequencing which is disappointing, but I’ve got a clearer picture what the movement entails and I know what I’ve got to work on.

  • Bruises – only my dreams
  • PB – equalled bench at 27.5 kilos
  • Wishlist – Let me see: 100 push ups (on hold because of calf strain), a strict pull up (still working the pull up programme) toes to bar just got added … so the list gets longer and the moment when I might be able to tick something off seems no closer!

Press up update

girl push up Well, not exactly!


But in the spirit of celebrate your successes, etc, after three weeks of trying I have finally achieved Week 4 Day 2 of the 100 push up programme: consecutive reps of: 25, 29, 25, 25, 36 with a 90 second break between sets.


I don’t think that they were the best press ups ever, and they were probably pretty snaky towards the end there, but hey … done is done!


And now onto 29, 33, 29, 29, 40  … this could take a while.

Press ups are vile

So, I’ve just failed to complete Week 4 Day 2 of the 100 press up programme for the fifth time!

Fail to complete = repeat so I am getting very frustrated by this and by my seeming inability to produce 29 continuous press ups after doing 25 in the first round. Gah!

On the plus side, my exhaustion test was 41 press ups – not bad for somebody who couldn’t do one press up six months ago!



Park WOD

park wodOn 9th December our box was closed for an Olympic Lifting workshop, and OH and I were going away for a few days, so Coach Holly posted a WOD for people to do at home, or out and about. We took it to the park!

It was a cold morning and we’d planned to be on the road at 9am, so it was early too. The WOD was:

  1. 100 metre sprint
  2. 20 press-ups
  3. 30 sit-ups
  4. 40 squats

For five rounds with a one minute rest between rounds. We marked the hundred metres and started one at each end, so that we wouldn’t get in each other’s way. My time was 26:41 which I was pleased with – it’s really tough to do sit-ups well outdoors on grass on a cold, wet  winter’s morning, and the press-ups on cold tarmac were quite unpleasant too!

End of month Crossfit report

What I need to work on: 

  • power snatches,
  • Turkish get ups,
  • crocodile crawls and . . .
  • pull-ups of course!
  • My abs,
  • My tight hip flexors – as ever!

What I achieved this month:

  • box jumps,
  • strict press-ups,
  • adding 17.5k to my deadlift PR.

What I learned this month:

  • My core strength is still low, after five months of Crossfit – how did I manage to get through the day then, given how much stronger I am now?
  • If you do Crossfit for five months, your shirts start to rip whenever you flex. I have three less shirts than I did at the beginning of the month, and four T-shirts have gone to the charity bag. Coach David commented on my back development at the beginning of the month and Anthony mentioned at the end of a WOD last week, so I thought I’d try and see what was going on and . . . wow. I have muscles!

What I really want next month:

  • A pull-up!
  • Work-out gear that’s appropriate for me – I do love pink, don’t get me wrong, but I’d like something a little more subtle sometimes.
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