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Didn’t make the fifty but still totally filthy

11 feb 13 filthy fiftyMonday’s WOD – the aptly named Filthy Fifty. I knew I wouldn’t have much fun with it, as it starts with 50 box jumps. (Not for me it doesn’t.)

  • 50 Box jumps 12/18/24
  • 50 Jumping pull-ups
  • 50 Kettlebell swings, 8/12/16
  • 50 Lunges
  • 50 Knees to elbows
  • 50 Push press 12/15/20
  • 50 Back extensions
  • 50 Wall balls 4/7/9
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 double unders/150 skips

Bronze was 20 reps, Silver 30 reps and Gold was the RX 50 reps of each exercise.

So … my attitude was ‘yeah right, like that will ever happen!’ I’ve decided to give myself some time off box jumps. I’ll tackle them again in April – at the moment they are all I can see, and they are stopping me seeing any other progress because I’m locked into getting back into doing them. Unfortunately my synapses have other ideas and aren’t playing along! Given that, for me, the WOD was going to start below the scale I decided I might as well take it easy – I used a 4 kilo medicine ball, a 12 kilo bar and an 8 kilo kettlebell – hindsight says I could probably have taken a 12 kilo kettlebell for the swings.

My time was 20:06 – one second faster than OH who did the WOD later in the day!  It was tough though and some exercises were deceptive – why were the back extensions so hellish? Usually I bang those out with no problem, but after the knees to elbows they were really, really, really tough to do.

I watched Camo and Razor Rx the WOD and it was epic to encourage them to beat previous times … can’t imagine myself ever making the 50 though!

•    Bruises – front squat markings
•    PB – got a x4 on my front squat at my previous one rep max!
•    Wishlist – that in April I will be able to do box jumps without fear.


WOD 11 January 2013

11 jan 13First time out with JT

Scaled HSPU to inclined press-ups on a 12″ box

Scaled ring dips to box dips on a 24″ box

Happy with my time of 12:24


  • Bruises – bit of a front squat neck
  • PB – 2 rep max for my squat at 37.5 kilos
  • Wishlist – that the gorgeous, grey with red trim, size small, compression leggings on sale at my box were as small as me so I could buy them – why doesn’t Reebok compression clothing come in smaller sizes?

Wednesday WOD with power clean focus

This is what I see when I get out of the car at the box in the morning. Not impressive, is it? Still, what you can’t see in the dark is the houseboats moored along the other side of that chain link fence, the harbour basin as black as ink and the first light breaking through the winter clouds. It’s great to start the WOD in the dark and to finish it with the sunrise striking the water.

Just five of us for the first class of the day today, and I was the only female. Funny thing is, I didn’t notice that until we were jogging our warm-down at the end, and talking about ways of getting that all important first pull-up. Well, the guys were talking, I was listening, having a lot to learn and nothing to contribute to the discussion. I’m still doing 5 slow negative pull-ups every time I’m at the box, along with working on my hang grip.

Today’s focus was 6×3 power cleans and I added another three collarbone bruises to the one I got from front squats on Monday, but that was okay because today’s WOD was front squats and pull-ups, so the bruises are probably just going to pretty well join up by tomorrow and give me a nice blue frontage to go up to town with. I can’t decide whether to wear a polo neck or show off the evidence of my honourable, but badly judged, endeavours!


I used 20 kilos for the squats (the Rx for women was 30) and skinny purple and skinny red bands for the pull-ups. My time was 11:13 – last as usual but I don’t care. I only had to dump my bar once in the squats, when I got to ‘13’ and lost form on the tenth squat, otherwise I hung onto it for each set of reps meaning (a) I didn’t have to keep power cleaning to get it back to front squat position (b) I was able to get a nice rhythm in the squats which made it much easier to focus on form and keeping my elbows up.

Bruises: four on my collarbones and a random one on my left forearm which I don’t remember getting! That’s five this week and I still have box jump practice on Friday – that’s usually good for a bruise if not an actual shin tear – sometimes it’s miserable to have poor proprioception.

PB: 25 kilos for the power clean x 3 (but my form was appalling for the last one).

Wishlist: Just one strict pull-up before Christmas, please! Also a pull-up bar we can install in the house: all the ones I’ve seen don’t fit our 1930s cornice-style door-frames.

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